Mokhomazi Attorneys

About Us

Who Are We?

Mokhomazi Attorneys is an aggressive, energetic and vibrant law firm best known for provision of sound and practical legal solutions. Mokhomazi Attorneys conducts its legal practice from two (2) offices situated in Tzaneen and Polokwane both in the Province of Limpopo, the Republic of South Africa. Mokhomazi attorneys renders an extensive and vast scope of legal services including highly sophisticated legal services.


The firm is hundred percent (100%) African owned and was established on the 08th February 2023 by Mr. Tumi Arnold Mokhomazi as the firm’s director. The primary function of the firm is to provide legal services and representation to its clients, in a highly dignified manner and to deliver favorable and satisfactory results always.


We at Mokhomazi Attorneys prioritize professionalism, ethics, and commitment to consistently serve our clients with diligence, and most importantly to execute our clients’ mandates in a manner that best suit and protect their interests and further to deliver effective results as prompt as possible and at a cost and time efficient manner.

Our Lawyers

Mr. Tumi Arnold Mokhomazi.

Director | LLB

Mokhomazi Attorneys is constituted by highly skilled attorneys with high standards of professionalism. Our attorneys are highly focussed with determination and robustness, and they possess vast experience and unmatched expertise and skills in their areas of practice.

Call:073 774 2005 | 065 848 2053.

Office: Tzaneen / Polokwane.

Vision and Mission.

We at Mokhomazi attorneys aspire to be the best and a prominent law firm best known for provision of sound and practical legal solutions, and uncompromised commitment to readily serve with dignity and integrity.

We are committed to provide our services consistently, diligently, professionally and ethically for delivery of excellent results. We are committed further to maintain our high standard of legal practice and professionalism. We promptly attend to our clients’ instructions and we always keep our clients informed of every progress and development in their legal matters.


Mokhomazi Attorneys is constituted by highly skilled attorneys with unmatched experience and expertise in their specialized areas of practice. We also utilize the services of experts and reputable counsels whenever necessary and in accordance with our clients’ instructions, to excellently deliver sound and practical legal solutions to them. 

Our Values

1. Commitment.

We are committed to readily avail our services to our clients and to deliver professionally in the best of our expertise and abilities, and in accordance with their mandates, as prompt as possible. 

2. Consistency.

We are consistent in our manner of provision of legal services and level of professionalism to ensure favorable outcomes.

3. Diligence.

We attend to all our clients’ instructions and execute the mandates thereof with the maximum level of diligence, and we pay attention to every detail. We invest our sufficient time, entire focus and attention to our work, for excellent results.

4. Excellence.

We invest sufficient time, skills, expertise and techniques in our work, and we always go beyond the general expectations of our clients.